Nanoptix Ultra Operator System is the easiest system for operators to totally manage their gaming devices remotely. Ultra System’s innovative design enables operators to supply their customers in the bar/restaurant environment with the most cost efficient device management tool. Ultra Systems can supply on-going network/route progress to you the operator, while providing all the necessary tools for your customers.

Key Features and Benefits


  • Operators can now operate from your own PC with total earning per machine, per establishment, per day, per week, etc.
  • Mange your route/network for your office! While players are enjoying your games, you’re managing your route from the comfort of your office to ensure you are paid what is owed to you from your customers and staff!
  • Remote access available from anywhere with optional dial up modem.

Operators provide your customers with:

  • A gaming device management tool with little effort to install and manage.
  • A gaming device which removes and transfers credits from the game to the system with a simple push of a button up to 4,000 feet away from the bar.
  • You can also print an accounting report any time you desire showing total of transactions of each game and grand total for all the games.
  • Provide integrity to the players and good service tools to your staff.
  • Nanoptix Spill Proof Printer confirms every transaction showing date, time and amount for that transaction payment to the players. Nanoptix Spill Proof Printer is the only receipt printer in the world that is spill proof! Save your investment.
  • Clamshell for easy loading to get you back in business quickly
  • Field tested with a major lottery’s network with over 7,000 devices.
Nanoptix EZ-TearNippon NP211D