Stop dealing with pesky printers that jam, often require maintenance, and have little security – get your own Multi 5 Central Print System today!  Simply put, the Multi 5 Central Print System makes life easier for you and your locations.  With the ability to connect up to five (5) of your favorite gaming machines, the Multi 5 Central Print System eliminates the need for redemption printers installed into each game, such as the ICT GP-58CR or Pyramid Phoenix – saving you time, money, and headaches.  Centralized printing with the Multi 5 also enhances onsite security and reduces the probability of “copying” tickets or scamming.  The Multi 5 also records simple bookkeeping for each game – Coin-in, Coin-Out, and Subtotal – and it has the ability to print each report whether it’s daily or period accounting.


  • Central printing and accounting for up to five (5) games
  • Accounting system records and prints coin-in, coin-out, and subtotal for each game
  • User selectable credits or dollars feature
  • Simple setup for time, date, machine labeling, and location information
  • Dual audit ticket function for daily and period accounting

Kit Includes:

  • (1x) Multi 5 Command Box
  • (5x) Game Controller Boxes
  • (1x) 100’ Printer Cable
  • (1x) 7’ Cabinet Cable
  • (4x) 25’ Game Cables
  • (1x) Printer Adaptor
  • (1x) Citizen CT-S651 or Citizen CT-S601 Thermal Printer
ICT GP-58CRNanoptix EZ-Tear