What is a Dual-Kit of Dual-Kitting?

It’s plastered all over our site and is incredibly popular, but what exactly does it mean? Fun Company cabinets allow you dual kit two of your favorite Incredible Technologies games in a single cabinet. That means two hit Incredible Technologies games taking up the floor space of one game! It also means a lower price, as only one cabinet, display, and controls are needed! Play Golden Tee Golf and Silver Strike Bowling, Golden Tee and Power Putt, Silver Strike Bowling and Target Toss Pro: Bags, or any other combination of your choice - you name it! It works with Live and Unplugged games, and also with older kits. Do you have a couple old dedicated units that don’t earn much, take up much needed floor space, but the electronics work great? Send the kits to Fun Company and we’ll give your title a much needed face lift, or simply order one of our popular cabinets and DIY!

Our Funglo V3 and V4 in addition to our 27” and 32” Commercial cabinets support dual-kitting. We also have artwork designed to reflect the dual functionality on each cabinet! With the press of a button, your players can switch games, and it’s great for both home and coin-op configurations!

Get the best of both worlds in one cabinet with Fun Company!


v4 gtssdual 26-dualkit-goltentee-silverstrike  32-silverstrike-targettoss funglo-v3-silverstrike-goldenteeunplugged