Become one of the Special Force Units in Ghost Squad, a gun shooting game producing Special Forces’ operations full of reality! Fight against dangerous Operations such as an eradication of terrorism and a rescue of the President as a member of the Special Force Unit belonging to a UN headquarter founded extralegal organization called the M.O.P.

There are 3 main stages and each stage has many route branches allowing the game to be experienced in various ways. In Mission 1 Grand Villa, the President and summit members of 3 nations are being confined. In Mission 2 Air Force One, terrorists take over the plan, and in Mission 3 Jungle, images from the spy satellite have been analyzed and the manager of the military enterprise ITS is held captive at the hideout. When the life gauge becomes "0", game is over. Every mission also has a special event such as disposing of a bomb, long distance sniping, etc. for additional variety to keep players hooked!

Features: 56” DLP monitor, 3 main stages/ missions, 10 new outfits totaling 14 uniforms or disguises to choose from, 21 new weapons totaling 25 funs to select from, night vision, flashlight-mounted gun, sniper rifle, hand gun combat, sub-machine gun controller with recoil, action button and fire settings.
Dims and weight: 58" L x 47" W x 88" H @ 556 lbs.

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